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Bringing your pool up to green standards
and save money...

June 29, 2016

In today’s eco-friendly world, consumers are trying to better adapt their daily lives with ways to reduce the cost of daily living. In the desert we live in, there are so many people with pools that are spending needless amounts of money operating their pool pumps and incurring avoidable repairs. Traditional single speed pool pumps operate at one speed, full blast. This is similar to driving your car down the freeway in 1st gear. This creates high wear and tear costs and even higher usage costs.

e) at a watt usage of 2000 watts. For a 10,000 gallon pool, this pump needs to operate for 7 hours*. Based on the 2000 watt usage, multiplied by 7 hours, this will create a DAILY usage of 14,000 Watts, or a monthly usage of 420,000 watts!!!

Compare this to a variable speed pump. At ½ speed, the variable speed pumps will move  an estimated 33 GPM, with a watt consumption of only 250 watts (~12.5% the consumption of the single speed). Based on the same 10,000 gallon pool, the total run time for the variable speed pump @ ½ speed will need to be 12.5 Hours*. Based on the 250 watt consumption, multiplied by the 12.5 hours daily run-time, will create a daily usage of only 3125 watts, ¼ of the power consumed by the single speed pump.

Additionally, you get the added value of running your pool for longer times and maintaining water movement, as opposed to the long periods of stagnation that occur with single speed pump usage. This will reduce chemical costs as a result.

Consider bringing your pool up to green standards to save money on a long term basis!

*(66 GPM x 60 minutes = 3960 Gallons per Hour > 10,000 gallon Pool / 3960 Gallons per Hour = 2.5 Hours per Turn Over > ~2.5 Turnovers per cycle = 7 Hours)

*(33 GPM x 60 minutes = 1980 Gallons per Hour > 10,000 gallon Pool / 1980 Gallons per Hour = 5 Hours per Turn Over > ~2.5 Turnovers per cycle = 12.5 Hours)